Manifesto of the UCL

Anticapitalism is Vital

We are resolutely anti-capitalist. We are not only opposed to the abuses of the system that dominates the whole world today. We are radically opposed to its foundations : the exploitation of human labour for the benefit of ruling and privileged minorities ; the exploitation of natural resources leading to their destruction ; unequal global development and imperialism ; the alienation of the individual ; state and employer domination over society.

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As anticapitalists, we reject the race for profits, corporate logic, the productivist development model, hierarchy and social inequalities, which are the creeds of a society dominated by the capitalist mode of production.

We are anti-capitalist for social reasons, through our commitment to class struggle. We are anti- capitalist for ethical reasons, through our attachment to egalitarian, libertarian values, social justice and respect for the specificities of each individual. We are also anti-capitalist for vital reasons, since capitalism is based on an ever-increasing over-exploitation of environmental resources that threatens the survival of humankind.

Capitalism never puts « people first »

We are opposed to capitalism in whatever historical form it takes : liberal capitalism or state capitalism. We are opposed to liberal capitalism, based on an « autonomous » regulation of the market, which claims to be « democratic ». It is based on a production mode that is inherently undemocratic and is entirely oriented towards making profits for the ruling classes.

We are opposed to state capitalism, even when it claims to be « socialist » or even « communist ». It is based on a tyrannical mode of exploitation and domination of the workers, and on the authoritarian determination of the market for the benefit of a privileged and all-powerful class.

These two faces of capitalism create a bureaucratic and technocratic structure. We therefore do not advocate a partial or total state control of liberal capitalism, nor a partial or total privatization of state capitalism. Whether in the public or private sector, the rule by which capitalism operates has always been the collectivization of losses and the privatization of profits.

« Protectionism » and « free trade », national capitalism and globalized capitalism are two sides of the same coin. Depending on their interests, the wealthy classes advocate the one or the other. It is useless to seek ideological coherence here. Their only dogma is that of private ownership of the means of production and distribution. Everything else is adaptable to circumstances.

Our anti-capitalism is part of the daily struggles and class struggle to achieve a self-managing and libertarian socialism.


Manifesto of the UCL
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